Carrier Services

The Carrier’s Carrier

As one of the nation’s largest calling card platform providers, with the most up-to-date Network Operations Center and state-of-the-art switching hubs to route calls via VoIP or over its own proprietary TDM fiber optic network, DollarPhone is the obvious choice for carrier services.

DollarPhone has become known worldwide as the most aggressive, flexible and quality-driven company in the entire wholesale carrier arena. DollarPhone routes millions of minutes of international telecommunications traffic daily from other carriers through its own switching and network infrastructure. Thanks to its existing and expanding telecom traffic to and from key global markets, other carriers are able to take advantage of DollarPhone’s bargaining and buying power, commitment levels and its competitively priced services.

Our Competitive Advantage

What truly differentiates DollarPhone from other carriers and makes it stand out as the most powerful choice in the industry, is that it furnishes its own minutes. Consequently, DollarPhone is able to offer truly aggressive pricing, owing to its extensive worldwide carrier relationships and its financial stability. With a geographically diverse customer base of over 200 carrier relationships, DollarPhone has reciprocal Carrier agreements with the telecommunications industry’s top-tier carriers. In fact, 20 of the top 25 global carriers are DollarPhone customers.

Our Partners

DollarPhone is relied upon by numerous PTTs, US RBOCs and internationally recognized telecommunication conglomerates including:

Worldwide Reach

DollarPhone focuses on routing telecom traffic to niche markets such as Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa, but it has terminating agreements worldwide. The goal as a carrier’s carrier is to offer the most aggressive pricing for other telephone companies, thus allowing them to focus on maintaining and growing their core business in their respective countries.

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