About us

Mission Statement

DollarPhone’s mission is to Deliver an Unparalleled Distributor and Customer Experience.  Our portfolio of high quality prepaid solutions paired with a dedicated team of professionals differentiates us from our competitors. Our distributor network is equipped with the necessary tools and a customized marketing program to help distributors succeed in their respective markets. On the consumer side, we make sure that our consumers stay well connected to their friends and family abroad by providing them with innovative and top level prepaid solutions that meet their wants and needs.

About Us

DollarPhone is a privately held company that operates as a licensed carrier with its own proprietary TDM fiber optic network that spans the entire US and Canada.

Since beginning operations in 1999, DollarPhone has evolved into a company known for its superior product, impeccable quality and very competitive pricing. It is one of the few companies in the telecom industry to have enjoyed consistent revenue and profit growth over the past several years.

DollarPhone’s phenomenal success can be attributed to our unique strategic vision which is based on heavy investment in information systems, tight fiscal discipline and rapid execution.

  • DollarPhone® generates over a quarter billion minutes of voice traffic per month.
  • Extensive distribution network into the bodega market across the US, roughly estimated at 100,000 locations.
  • Over 550 different calling card brands addressing every ethnic market.
  • Global network; exclusive, fully-redundant platform.
  • 24×7×365 multi-language customer support access via toll free numbers.